Down Comforters - Guide and Information

Down Comforters are truly a great way to make yourself feel comfy and sleep well protected without having the weight of heavy bedding pushing you into the mattress. Not all down comforters offer the same quality and it's well worth reading up a bit before buying your own. And once you have made that investment, it's good to know a few things to care in the best possible way for it. On this website you'll find the answers to all your questions in respect to Down Comforters.

Down Comforters Here are the most important tips about Down Comforters, check out the links to the left for more details.

  • Filling of Down Comforters
    The technical term for this is 'Fill power'. It's the down quality rating. The higher the fill power, the larger the down. Larger down offers better insulation and will last longer. Comforters made with larger down (a higher fill power) are also more expensive. Average fill power is 500-550, but choose 575-650 fill power for extra warmth. Comforters also come in 700 or even 800 fill power, but unless you live on ther north pole, this is overkill.
  • Protecting your Down Comforter:
    It's best to place your Down Comforter into a cover to avoid dirtying it. Zip-on covers can be purchased to help protect down comforters. These covers can easily be removed for regular cleaning and slipped back on. They come in great designs and will help give your bedroom your own style.
  • Cleaning of Down Comforters:
    Caring for down comforters is easy. Take your goose down comforter out of its duvet from time to time. Fluff it up to keep the feathers from clumping together. Hang your down comforter out on the clothesline for a quick freshen-up. Large down comforters should be washed in commercial washers, without agitators, or professionally dry cleaned. Always store your down comforter in a dry place where it will not be threatened by mold or mildew.
  • Baffles or Baffle Box - The construction of Down Comforters
    A baffle or baffle box is an interior wall of fabric sewn at right angles to the top and bottom layers of the goose down comforters outer shell. A baffle box is a mark of quality construction and helps give luxury down comforters the appearance of depth. A down comforter baffled walls permit the goose down to inflate to its fullest potential. It keeps the Down well distributed and avoids 'cold spots' (spaces in a down comforter with only very little down, could happen if there were no baffles sewn in).
    The other types of Down Comforter construction are: Closed construction: The fabric's top and bottom layers are sewn together, creating a box pattern. The down doesn't shift around, so it requires less fluffing. Unfortunately, closed-construction comforters are less lofty and therefore not as warm. The least desirable is the Open construction: The top and bottom layers are stitched, but only in certain spots, allowing the down to bunch up.

Sleep well!

Down Comforters